14″ X 36″ – Extra Extra Large Rectangular Niche

Introducing EZ-NICHES® from Alpinebay® – the ultimate solution for hassle-free recessed niche construction. Say goodbye to the costly and time-consuming process of building from scratch. Our prefabricated design is ready to tile, allowing you to create a stunning shower niche in a matter of minutes.

Crafted from recycled ABS, a lightweight and durable material, EZ-NICHES® offer exceptional strength and longevity. These niches not only provide a functional storage space for your shower essentials but also serve as a stylish focal point for decorative tiles. With multiple sizes available, the possibilities for creating unique and personalized designs are endless.

Upgrade your bathroom with EZ-NICHES® and experience the convenience, durability, and aesthetic appeal they bring. Say hello to a simplified niche installation process and hello to a beautiful and organized shower space.

(The online images may not accurately represent the true color of the product, as there could be variations in shade of pink)

Quick and easy installation

Fits standard wall framing

Ready for tile

Strong bond with polymer modified thin-set mortar


Mold and rust resistance

Install vertically or horizontally

Adjustable dividers/shelf available

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Quick and easy installation

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